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Main products of Changde New Material are polyether polyols series and special amine series. Polyether polyols series are widely used in polyurethanes such as soft furniture, car seats and decoration, waterproofmaterials, adhesives, ground paving, thermal insulation materials,caulking agents, leather pulp and sole liquid resins. Cyclohexanediamine and polyetheramine series products are new type of special amine materials, which have excellent performance and are widely used in coatings, adhesives, composite materials, pharmaceutical intermediates and etc..We are the first domestic manufacturer of cyclohexane diamine products. Our long-term goal is to build the largest production base of special amine new materials in Chinawith various of products.

We abides by the management philosophy of “Science and Technology, Good Faith and Honesty” and isbuilding an excellent enterprise thatprovides quality products and service to customers with technological innovation.

Yueyang Changde New Material Co., Ltd. was established in September 2017, located in Yueyang Green Chemical Industrial Park of Hunan province with a total investment of RMB 500 millions and covers an area of 71,300 M². The company adopts domestic leading polyether production technology, and builds 100,000 tons/year polyether polyol, polymer polyol & special amine series products based on Sinopec Changling Branch's 100,000 tons/year propylene oxide (HPPO) devices.


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Add:Changling branch of green chemical industry park, Yunxi District, Yueyang City, Hunan Province